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Driftworks Productions
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Newport, OR 97365
At Driftworks, we understand how complex the Video and Audio Production process can be.  However we see no need to make the pricing complex as well.  Yes, projects will vary in difficulty and scope, but for most projects, you'll pay nothing for the intitial pre-production consultation.  Basic scripting and music licensing is also included in the package price. 

For general video production, such as business web videos, we charge $175 per finished minute, with a $350 minimum.  (Examples: A 2-minute web video is $350.  A 3-minute video for your web site would be $525.)  

Television commercials are a different animal entirely, due to the complexity of the editing and video necessary.  A 30 or 60 second TV commercial typically runs about $500, and uploading the slated commercial to your broadcaster is gladly a part of the service. 

Important note: Some productions are more involved and expensive to create, using actors, hi tech special effects, and numerous locations or shooting times.  These productions may result in additional fees, which we'll clearly detail prior to making agreement for any production.
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